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"��BeesNatural Honey is delicious!!! I have a spoonful of it in the mornings. I put it in my fruit and veggie smoothies, and I bake with it. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. It has the taste of the tropics in the Golden Blossom flavor.��Bee pollen works wonders with its anti-oxidant substance. I have not had any sore throat since I have been ingesting the bee pollen daily. I add it to my fruit smoothies,�� and if I am having a cup of tea, I add some to it as well. "
�������������������������������������������� -Anne PrepforNewEarth���

"BeeNatural Honey, where the honey taste good, rises your vibration and protects your body from diseases. I my self have been ordering honey weekly and can say you will not be disappointed. Sometimes you might even get a unexpected gift. BeesNatural definitely shows love back to those who support.

Honey can last for thousands of years so imagine what happens to your body as you coat your body with honey. If you want a golden glow BeesNatural is the way to go. 13 Love "

-Ash�� Bey���

"I consider myself a northern illinois and southern Wisconsin raw honey connoisseur, trying many many a jar....but when I tried honey from, I found the holy grail of honeys I've been searching for. Aside from maybe a small local jar on deck for area pollen purposes, I've layed off the buying of new honeys because I know where my business beez. 13love and stay buzzins cuzzinz��� "

"Lol chill out with that honeycomb in the jar, if you buy it you will probably eat the whole thing in one day.

I bought two jars and almost ate them both the same day. Very good!!
#!13love��� "

Th BEST HONEY���� IN Th WORLD!!!��� 13LOVE���

"Mucho Amore and Thank You to +BeeNatural�� for the natural products."

"Freshest, purest I've ever seen! Keep up the good work"

"Just received our Bees Natural Honey from��

Quality! Make sure you check them out!

All of our Honey Soaps will be officially made with Bees Natural 247 Honey!

13Love & 13Raspect "��

"+BeeNatural 247love��- This honey so good 13 got my Pineal Vibrate (Vibrating) 13Th-Akhs 13Love 13Knowledge 13Wisdom & 13Raspect let TMHs give you 13Abundance���"

"very delicious bee pollen and honey!! from BeeNatural 247love will be excited to give out the business cards and help the business grow and flourish! definiley will be a returning customer��� 13Love���"

"this honey is sooo delicious... and the pollen is the best that i have ever tasted!... them righteous bees stay buzzin... 13 Love"


"We received Greatness today!! Thank you 13Love"


"13Love to for the honey and free bee pollen!!! I appreciate yall mane ROOOAAARRRR����
this service this honey is just amazing woohoooo happy happy"


"TLC I just tasted bee pollen for the first time and it is beelicious!! :D I am going to be gettin my honey that's well worth the money everydey all the time on time 247 from check em out"





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